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The French Global Recruitment Company, headquartered in Paris, France, offers a comprehensive human resources outsourcing service that covers the entire France. We provide the most valuable services for enterprises and job seekers, and help them find the best talents with the least cost. We also offer a stage of dream for millions of young graduates and job seekers.

Professional Talent Department


Our company consists of the Senior Management Talents Department, the Engineer and Information Talent Department, the French Chinese Bilingual Talents Department, and the Vocational Training Department.

Since our establishment, we have been adhering to the enterprise spirit of innovation, cooperation and service, forging ahead and pursuing excellence.

Now we have developed into a leading enterprise in the local human resources industry, and have established long-term cooperative relations with many leading enterprises in the industry and we have offered a large number of outstanding talents.

Extensive Cooperation Resources


We have long-term strategic cooperation agreements with many universities in France and have a large number of outstanding graduate resources.

We also have long-term cooperation with one of France’s most popular student platforms: Paris Radar. With the precise and fast media channels, we are able to send recruitment information as soon as possible to those who need it most.

Powerful Network Platform


If you want to find the most suitable talent for your company, contact us without hesitation.

We will post your recruitment information through our powerful network channels, and we can also offer you the best person from our talent pool.

We can provide you with resume selection, initial interviews and other services to help you find the most satisfied people with the shortest time and the least cost.

The French Global Recruitment Company is a company based on human resources services. Therefore, people-oriented is the culture of our company, exerting human values, inspiring people’s dreams, mutual respect, creating achievements. We will offer a huge stage for customers and employees to realize their values and ideals!

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